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Artist Statement

As an artist, I have been deeply moved by the transformation, connection and magic that occurs when separate (sometimes disparate) pieces are brought together to form an exquisite integrated whole. This theme is central to my work in mosaics, glass fusion and jewelry design.

In both mosaics and glass fusion, I cut my glass into small pieces and shards and assemble them to create pattern, movement and form.  Those pieces may then become part of a bird’s feather, some flowing water, or a textural abstract design.  Once assembled, both glass and mosaics are fused in a glass kiln where more transformation takes place through the application of heat. It is not only amazing but exciting to witness how a fired piece can transform its visual appearance simply by changing its light source.  Some transparent colors can dissolve and become clear or transition into a blaze of full blown intensity.

Similarly, my jewelry work with semi-precious stones is about the transformation and transition of raw materials into a new form. I am drawn into a deeper connection with the earth and its abundance of beautiful materials as I sift and winnow the gems that will live together in a particular piece. Always my focus is on harmony and integration of materials.

All of this artistic work for me is a metaphor for living a satisfying, balanced and harmonious life. To live this way, it is important to explore the elements that work and fit together, discard or transform what doesn’t, and keep going deeper, ever changing, and discovering.  It is my hope that my artistic creations telegraph and inspire that sense of depth, harmony, and balance.